BigFish Creative


statement of belief

We don’t believe in the phrase “think outside of the box.”

Because we don’t see the box. We believe people are limited only by their incapacity to think creatively. Each situation and every client deserve more than the status quo. This can only happen when people approach a project by considering all the possibilities­­—and then some. We should not be guided by the four walls of the box, but by our imagination.

This philosophy can be applied equally in small situations and when making major decisions. When we encounter boundaries (budgets, client concerns, deadlines), we use this approach. We have a distinct ability to be both creative and pragmatic. We think visually and artistically, while balancing the schedule and demands of clients. We also thoroughly enjoy the chance to be immersed in a project; to think about it from inception through fruition to delivery and distribution.

We are motivated by deadlines, energized when providing outstanding customer service and knowledgeable about what is relevant and important in our industry. We aim to be diligent, focused, innovative, and pleasant. And above all, we truly enjoy the collaboration process.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Project Management
  • Creative Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Interactive
  • Client Services